The Beginner's Road to Intermediate

Many new dancers question if they’re ready to move on to the intermediate class. Here’s what you should know before you do. If there’s something you don’t recognize, something you need to work on, or if you’re unsure if you’re ready, please let the instructors know (preferably before the lesson). However, also keep in mind that dancing is about fun. If you aren’t having fun, we’re doing something wrong!

Must-Have Patterns

You should be comfortable dancing each of the following patterns socially with strangers.

The beginner class will not cover every one of these patterns each week. Instead, it cycles through them. If you come continually for a few weeks, it will cover what you need to know.

Beyond the Patterns

Patterns are a tiny part of being a good dancer – even for leads. We try to make the beginner class accessible to newcomers each week, so there will be some repeated patterns. This is not a time to be bored or to feel like you’ve mastered everything the beginner class can teach you – it's a perfect opportunity to work on higher-level concepts. Here are just some of them.

Important for Everyone

Important for Leads

Important for Follows

Bonus for Everyone

Final Thoughts

Don't forget to have fun with all of this and don't be intimidated. We were all new once. We also love to discuss dance, so if you feel you aren't improving, we are here to help.